Lời bài hát Em Trong Mắt Tôi (Tiếng Anh)

, học viên đăng ký học

Ca sĩ:

Hà France

Pretty without makeup
You look very angelic hoooooo
Dont need jeans or high heels, you choose for yourself Ao Dai, so fine
Like the blooming flowers giving off those colors,
they dont look half as pretty as you

Your softly blowing Ao Dai, representing
shining beauty from Eastern lands

Are you an angel or am I just…
Flooded in awe by you and your charming beauty
A viet woman, in her Ao Dai
Radiating… Oriental…
woah woah

One day by chance in foreign lands she came my way
A white flutter pretty shoulders unfamiliar
A warming heat I felt complete… oh my homeland…
I love you… I miss you…

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