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Giáo án VNEN unit 4 Music and arts : A closer look 1

.Period: 27 Lesson 2 : A Closer look 1

By the end of the lesson, students can: to use the lexical items related to the topic Music and Arts. Pronounce sounds / ʃ / and / ʒ / correctly in isolation and in context.
1. Knowledge:
a. Grammar : – Review: : Comparisions : ( not ) as …..as
the same as
different from
b. Lexical items : – Vocab: Lexical items related to the topic “Music and Arts”
c. Pronunciation: – sounds / ʃ / and / ʒ
2. Skills:
– Listening, Speaking, Reading,Writing and interactive skills
3. Attitude:
– Cooperation, respect, having right and friendly attitudes with friends, teachers in the new school
4. Quality and competence:
– Be confident and friendly with the new school environment
– Develope listening, speaking skills and cooperative interaction
1.Teacher’s preparation:
– Lesson plan, Pictures, posters ,textbook,CD-MP3(Computer-Multi projector/cassette/ “sách mềm”) and other materials
2.Students’ preparation: -Textbook, notebook, school things.
– Pair work , individual work, group work, T-WC
1-Greeting`and checking students’ adtendence: Total: In: ……… Out: ………. .
2-Checking the old lesson
3-New lesson:

Teacher’s activities Students’ s activities
I.Warm up
– Teacher elicits the topic from students.
– Teacher models
– Work in groups to add as many musical instruments as possible.
– Teacher monitors and gets feedback.
– Read all the words chorally
* Suggested answers:
– piano
– drum
– guitar
– violin
– flute

II. Presentation
– Teacher follows the seven steps of teaching vocab
– Use different techniques to teach.

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1.Listen and repeat these words (1P40)
– Listen and repeat the words in 1 P40 chorally and individually.
2. Match a word in A with a… (P40)
– T explain the meaning if necessary
– Let Ss do this exercise individually before discussing in pairs.
3a. Put these letters in order to make… (3a P40)
– Reorder the letters to make musical instruments.
– cello : (n) đàn viôlông xen
– saxophone : (n) kèn xắc xô
– ocean : (n) đại dương
– decision : (n) quyết định
– leisure : (n) thời gian rảnh rỗi,
lúc thư nhàn
– vesion phiên bản

1-e, 2-b, 3- a, 4-d, 5-c

3a Key:
1. drum
2. piano
3. cello
4. guitar
5. violin
6. saxophone
3b. Write the type of musical instrument… (P40)
– Run through all the words with students.
– Work in pairs to write the type of musical instruments in the box under each picture..
– Teacher checks their answers.
? Read aloud all the words again.

4.Put one of these words in … (P40)
– Listen and repeat.
1. a guitar
2. a drum
3. Đàn Bầu (one string guitar)
4. a violin
5. a cello
6. a piano
7. a saxophone
– Complete the sentences using the words in the box.
– Work individually then compare with your partner.
– Teacher monitors and gets feedback – Complete and read the sentences
1. singer
2. Pop
3. painter
4. draw
5. puppets
6. instrument
III. Pronunciation
5. Listen and repeat … ( P40)
– Teacher explains how to pronounce the two sounds: / / and / /
– Drill the sounds in chorus and individually.
– Listen and repeat the words.
6. Listen to the words and put them … (P40)
– Play the recording twice or three times.
– Help Ss distinguish the two sounds, and put the words in the right columns

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– Practice the sounds.

-Listen and repeat the words.

6. Key:
/ʃ/: Anxious, Musician, dishwasher, rubbish.
/ʒ/: Closure, occasion, leisure, television
7. Listen and underline the words with / / and / / (P40)
– Listen and repeat the sentences.
– Underline the words with the sounds // once, underline the words with the sounds twice.
– Listen and repeat
– Underline the words.
1. show, machine 2. occasions
3. musician, anxious 4. share, pleasure
5. station 6. sure, television

IV. Consolidation
? How to pronounce the two sounds: / / and / / ?
– Answer individually
– Remember
V. Homework
– Learn by heart vocabulary and structures.
– Ex A1,2 P28 (Workbook)
– Prepare next lesson. Unit 4. Lesson 3
– Listen and take note the assignments

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